archery set

Product Description

Introduction of New Archery Equipment Set Archery Tag Games – 16 Packages


  • 16 Archery Attack Bows
  • 40 Bow strings with Finger Savers
  • 16 Masks
  • 80 Arrows
  • 6 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 2 Foam Target Stands
  • + Shipping and Import Duties not included


foam arrow head
EVA material:
1.Soft, non-lethal, safety to player
2.Non-toxic,non-smell, fresh material, eco-friendly
3.Waterproof and shockproof
4.Unibody, five times durable than sponge head
The Screwed connector
1.ABS material, durable
2.Screw design, the foam head
3.Not easy to fall off, more tight whenEasy installation-just screw-in
Various shaft matrial
1.Glass fiber material shaft
2.Mixed carbon
3.Full carbon material
4.According to the customer requirement provide

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